Discover Green Cleaning Recipes

Discover Green Cleaning Recipes

When we hire maids for cleaning, they can easily complete the tidying up in less time than it takes you to clean your house. Why this? Well, these maids have nothing to do with your mess! So, how can we keep our homes clean without spending an entire day tidying up? Here are some tips: avoid distractions.

Chaos and cleanliness

Most of the time, we confuse cluttering with cleaning. If you perform these tasks individually, you can effectively clean your home. When professional maids clean your home, they focus on cleaning and leaving behind the mess so you can take care of them. Complete one task at a time.

Make your plan and stick to it

Organization and consistency are keys to a well-maintained home. If you stick to a specific schedule for cleaning your home throughout the week, you’ll find it easier to keep your home clean. Create a plan that fits your schedule and needs and stick to it.

Start by cleaning the bathroom

They say bathrooms reflect the cleanliness of a home, so we go the extra mile. First, remove all unnecessary items from the bathroom, such as shampoo containers, trash, etc. Spray tubs and showers with bathroom cleaner and let it sit for a while. In the meantime, you can remove all trash and place it in trash bags.

Clean ceilings and walls

While the cleaner is working in the bathroom, start removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, corners and door frames, entering all areas/rooms. Go through the walls and baseboards. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lights and fan blades.

Go back and finish washing the bathroom

After finishing the ceiling and walls, it’s time to go back to the bathroom and start scrubbing the tub and shower. When you’re done, put all shampoo and other items back in the shower, clean the vanity and mirror, scrub the sink, and polish all fixtures.

Now you can finish cleaning the toilet. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when doing this. I use a small wastebasket filled with bleach solution to disinfect toilet brushes after use. Paper towels are great for cleaning the outside of toilet bowls and seats.

Finally there’s the floor. I usually find it easier and more thorough to clean my bathroom floors with a rag than a mop.

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